Black Hawk Equity

Clean, Green, and Local

Welcome to Black Hawk Equity, working to become a local photovoltaic energy generator. We are dedicated to clean, green, and locally supplied renewable energy. The electricity we produce in the future will reduce carbon emissions, be more efficient than coal or nuclear, and will be 100% renewable.

On an unused industrial site, Black Hawk Equity is planning a renewable energy resource powered by the sun. No farm land or other natural lands will be disturbed. Our goal is to support under invested communities by bringing good jobs, job training, and low cost energy. Our growth will boost the local economy by increasing the tax base and reducing pollution. 

We have taken care in the details. We will clean our solar panels with rain water collected on site. Sheep will eat the grass and shrubs around our solar panels. We generate clean, green and, local energy to serve our community and in cooperation with the cycles and patterns of nature.

What you can do to help.

    1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle
    2. Use renewable resources whenever possible
    3. Encourage your friends to do the same
    4. Contact your legislators to support renewable energy

All individuals who purchase electricity from ComEd will be able to use our solar energy. Please contact us for more information.

Black Hawk Equity